Group Program:

Take Back Your Life! The Art of Self-Care

Want to shift your life from struggle to ease?

It’s all about finding the approaches that work for you, in your daily life, and turning them into new, powerful habits…without having to learn everything the hard way!

So, let’s cut to the chase! Do you want to:

  • Take as good care of yourself as you do of others in your life?
  • Free yourself from the traps of guilt, anger and resentment that sap you of energy and joy?
  • Manage daily challenges with ease, so you no longer feel drained and helpless?
  • Stop settling for “good enough” in your relationships, family, work and time off?
  • Know exactly how to create a balanced, fulfilling life – and still be a loving caregiver?

If you answered “Yes!” to any of these questions,

our upcoming Take Back Your Life! Group Program is exactly what you need and deserve. 

Thinking of joining the next group?

In Take Back Your Life! The Art of Self-Care:

…your learning experience is accelerated thanks to the 3-pronged benefits of the group process:

1) Share your challenges as a caregiver, what has worked and what hasn’t for each of you. Hearing others’ experiences, and being heard, lets you know you’re not alone and you deserve a break from stress and struggle.

2) Learn about new strategies, tools and communication skills from Loren, and understand why they are designed to be more effective than what you’ve been doing up till now

3) Master these new approaches successfully with the help of step-by-step guidance on exactly how you can use them successfully in your life

These benefits plus helpful handouts and worksheets, clear goal-setting, and targeted feedback from me greatly enhance your understanding and progress…and your mastery of an empowering new set of skills!

You’ll discover that you can:

  • avoid tactics that someone else’s trial-and-error experience have shown to be ineffective
  • benefit from hearing about strategies that have worked for them
  • jumpstart your progress by implementing my insights, guidance and feedback about why certain choices are more likely to get you the results you want
  • make a real difference in the lives of your fellow participants, in turn, who also benefit from yourexperiences

While each person’s life is unique, issues and challenges truly are universal. Come learn, grow and empower your life through the strategies, guidance and support of an amazing group.

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