Question: What is showing up as something you would like to change in your life? Is it something you want to bring into your life or something you want to let go of?

For those of you who know me and have been following me for a while, you know that the next question I ask is, What is Your Desired Outcome? Whatever change you would like to make, let’s phrase it in terms of Your Desired Outcome.

During this time of isolation, social distancing, and the fears of the pandemic on our futures, this is an opportune time to focus on the changes you want or need to make in your life.

IF your first thought was what you want to let go of (a habit, a relationship, an attitude, a career, etc.) what do you want INSTEAD?

Remember that a desired outcome has to be what you want, NOT what you don’t want, and it has to be something over which you, yourself, have control.

My message here is simple: The key to making positive changes within yourself &/or within your life, is uncovering the beliefs that are holding you back from change. You are then able to focus on replacing those beliefs one by one as you practice new perspectives and new behaviors.

My goal is to provide the best possible tools and guidance for you to stay on a positive and healing path, making those valuable discoveries and taking the steps to embrace new, more empowering beliefs.

Growth only happens when we’re willing to be open to the possibilities for change around us and within us. We are all in a situation that mandates change, and this gives us the opportunity to work toward something better in our lives, if we choose it. We can choose to focus on what it is we really want and take steps every day to bring us closer to achieving our desired outcomes.

Here’s a step to get started: Look at your answer to the question at the beginning of this post, and take some time to identify what your belief is about why that part of your life is the way it is. You’ll probably come up with some beliefs about other people, and the world in general, that you think are at least partially responsible for it being that way.

Understandable, but what I want you to do is focus on what you believe about yourself, underneath the circumstance that is keeping you stuck?

For example, the thing you want to change might be that you’re feeling trapped in your life circumstance right now. Or it might be that you feel overwhelmed by responsibilities and obligations. Look underneath the surface: are you afraid to make a change because others would be upset, angry or resentful? Is there a part of you that knows you could do things differently, but you resist changing because you believe people wouldn’t accept any changes? Do you find yourself taking better care of others’ needs and feelings than you do of your own?

And we breathe… One question to ask yourself over and over is, ‘Is what I’m thinking really true?’ I realize it may FEEL true, but that doesn’t mean it really is true. We often believe things are true simply because this is how life has been, but it doesn’t mean this is how life has to be.

Once you are willing to challenge your current belief system, you can open up a whole new universe of options in your life. (Access your own copy of our Step By Step Guide and begin learning how)

It’s my intention and goal that you’ll always find resources here that help you stay on track, addressing one belief at a time until that belief no longer impedes your progress toward your desired outcomes.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

This is a year that will mark many changes globally, nationally, and personally. I eagerly anticipate the work we can do together to bring about the personal changes and growth in your life that will make you feel profoundly grateful when you look back on it next year. I am both hopeful and realistic as we embark on this extraordinary and at times surreal journey!

My commitment to you is that everything I offer will encourage and enhance your forward movement toward greater self-esteem and self-empowerment in spite of or maybe even because of the challenges we all face.

Let this blog be a space of opportunity for your learning and growth that helps you live knowing your true worth. When you can live authentically empowered and fulfilled, your light will shine more brightly out in the world.

I am delighted to be able to share your journey with you!

And we breathe…

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