Loren Gelberg-Goff, MSW, LCSW, CHt

Empowering Family Caregivers to Take Back Their Lives


Congratulations for making the decision to
Take Back Your Life!


-> Wake up each morning stressed-out and overwhelmed?

-> Dread another day of caring for everyone EXCEPT yourself?

Do you find yourself secretly wishing for your old life back?

Remember the things you used to do? Hobbies, self-care and even (gasp) a real social life?

Well, I’ve got some GOOD NEWS for you

You’re just 1 Step away from the freedom and peace you’ve been longing for since becoming a caregiver, because today…

…I’m sharing my time-tested, proven process to

Take Back Your Life!

> Get your FREE “Caregiver’s Step-By-Step Guide to Take Back Your Life!”

With this process you’ll learn how to:

  • Get out of self-sabotage – discover the #1 action to break-free from doing things over and over that DON’T work
  • Finally end self-deprivation – discover how to stop making yourself last on the list and re-discover your old self again
  • Recognize the strong hold of guilt – discover powerful ways to eliminate it from your life
  • Start overcoming the daily resentment – so you can find a way to actually enjoy time with your loved one again
  • Find the right way to deal with anger – so you can find the forgiveness and the compassion for others…and most importantly, for yourself!

Here’s what you get in this powerful, 3-part self-study Step-By-Step Caregiver training:

Part 1:
Audio training in mp3 format


Part 2:
Steps map to record YOUR steps


Part 3:
A complete audio transcript


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