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“Loving Yourself” is a powerful 8 1/2 minute meditation that will give you the ability to press the “reset” button when life takes its toll and you feel less than thrilled with yourself – yes, we all have those moments! You’ll re-enter your reality more peaceful, forgiving of your foibles, and focused on a fresh start. You’ll want to download it to all your devices so it will be ready for use in any situation for a quick recovery of your self-esteem. Click HERE to listen online, right-click to download, and get ready to absorb the blessing of self-love!


“Relax! Renew! Rejoice!” will teach you how to access the reserve of energy that’s always within you, even when you feel depleted by the demands of the day. This 16-minute meditation melts stress, releases tension, and sets you up with the capacity to re-invigorate your day. You’ll want to share your new-found vibrancy and positivity with those around you after this meditation expands your awareness of your personal power to determine your happiness. Click HERE to listen online, right-click to download, and feel the power of joy!


Listen to these meditations as soon as you can, and as often as you can, to put yourself in a whole new mindset of deserving a more peaceful and joyful day-to-day life.

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