We are living in incredibly stressful times, and we all want to see life become more stable, more secure, calmer and definitely more loving. We don’t have control over when this will happen, but we do have control over whether we, as individuals, will make choices, and changes that reflect greater stability, security, feelings of calmness and more love. It’s about choosing to focus on that which you can control.

Today, as the stress and strain of the covid pandemic continues, I want to talk about making changes…on making those changes in yourself that you’ve identified as potentially most beneficial…Or for your greater good. We can use quarantine, isolation and social distancing to some personal advantages if you are willing…

We are all amazingly resilient, and we can handle so much and adapt to many situations, making even the most uncomfortable and stressful situation seem normal; including all the adjustments we’ve had to make through this pandemic. Many of us have even made quarantining seem normal. BUT, we are also getting tired of it because humans need both socialization and human contact. We need physical connections… be it a handshake or a hug.

When the crisis of Covid 19 occurred everyone handled the acute situation, and we all managed to make changes and adapt to what needed to be done, if it was under duress,  and it seemed OK for a short period of time… and then what we expected to be a short term situation became chronic, we have all had to adjust our lives, redefine what is normal and this is continuing for the long-term and this long-term comes with many unknowns as well.

This means we must consciously think about our own needs and feelings and determine new desired outcomes and address the changes that need to be made in your life as well as in the lives of those you love. This is all about creating plans to adapt to a new normal. This does not mean you make life perfect. It means you assess, adjust and accept the reality of your circumstances and determine what changes are needed that will allow you to take as good care of yourself as you do of those you love.

You may desperately want life to be what it was prior to our world being shut down, but it isn’t… normal has changed, and we have to accept the new changes brought about by this pandemic. We can balk at these necessary changes, fight them, or seek out ways to make life feel good again despite this new reality. It no longer matters why it is, it simply matters what we will do to make ourselves and our lives feel better in this environment.

IF there is something you can do to help, whether it’s a neighbor in need, a family member, a friend, then choose to help… maybe it’s offering help at a food bank, animal shelter, or local community organization. Do something that helps you to feel empowered because one thing that happens in the midst of this chaos is the rise of feelings of helplessness, and you need to look at what helps you to feel hopeful and helpful. Remember that change happens from each small step we take… As Ghandi said… “Be the change you want to see in the world.”

Feel your feelings, express your feelings, and validate your feelings. Your feelings matter and the one thing you can control is how you choose to deal with your feelings… You can choose to be destructive or constructive. This is where desired outcome comes into play. Focus on moving forward in a positive way and you will find that your mood will feel much improved… Remember this takes conscious effort, and it’s something we all have to practice on a daily basis, and maybe even on a moment by moment basis.

Shower yourself with LOVE and APPRECIATION and feel the JOY of taking steps that help you to feel more empowered.

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